Thursday, September 29, 2005

Puja Approaching....

Hie folks its pooja time again. 3rd October is Mahalaya.. and after one week is the puja. This time will celebrate it at Hyderabad... happy puja to u all out there....

Sunday, September 04, 2005

ExaminationI always kept pondering if IGNOU was as bad as people told me. My recent experience revealed it to be true. I was in Kolkata for the MCA viva, organised by the Regional Center. The external exainar is supposed to be some 'professor' from 'reputed university'.Let me describe the scenario.

As I enter the viva room, I see the 'professor' sitting in the room, with all our project reports stacked on the table beside him. He speaks in local bengali, and asks me to find my project report. Then he asks me to read aloud my enrolment number, my project report number and my porject name. After which he drops the report on the floor. Daam! Didnt even bother to read it once. My 12 months hard work.. developing an animation production software gone down the drain.

I prepare myself to face the first question. He asks his question. "Koto diye project ta kinecho?" ("How much did you spend to buy the project?"). God is this why I came down all the way from Hyderabad to appear in the viva ? Polietly I replied, " Kinini sir, nije baniyechi." ("Didn't buy it sir, developed it myself"). He was just not satisfied with the answer. He kept on telling that I bought it , and I kept on denying it. This really made me angry. Then when he saw that I was not accepting his view he went ahead with his next question. "MCA kore ki hobe, chakri toh aar pabe na. Ki bolo ?" ("What's the use of studying MCA, you wont get any job".). Again, I replied that I was already working. I kept on thinking from which planet he is . Has got no idea about computer science, no knowlegde and conducting the viva. God, am working as a production manager, providing consultanc in Hyderabad. What is this?

And that 'professor' kept on asking me such dump, stupid questions. At the end of the viva, he concluded that I really dont have any knowledge and signed off.

So, is this what our goverment wants. Mockery. Enjoying playing with students. We have a rocket scientist as our President, an economist as our Prime Minister. At the end a common Indian like me would like to ask can incidents make me say "Mera bharat mahan" ("India is great") ?

Friday, September 02, 2005

Visitng Kolkata

I will be on a days visit to Kolkata on 4th September. Will travel to and fro by train. Will be back in Hyderabad on 6th morning.
I will be boarding Faluknana today evening.