Saturday, May 29, 2004


As it says it only becomes a news when, its different. Today, I came to know, Premjit died of a car accident on 25 May 2004. Really a shocking news for me. He introduced me to the world of editing. He was my faculty for some time, and then became my colleauge, and later a friend. He went off to Delhi, and me to Hyderabad, we were in touch. I wouldn't say regularly, but often. Sometimes for business puropse, or sometimes just like that.

A fat chubby fellow, I used to call him "mota" (in bengali which means fat). Always careing, and loved to eat.

May his soul rest in peace.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Can we afford it?

The Indian general elections results came out. A total landslide for the BJP led NDA. Congress and its alliance got the majority. Everything went wrong for BJP. Psephologist are speaking of various things.
Everyone is having their view. Though I am not an avid supporter of any party in general. Being an young Indian here's my view. Congress again led back to victory. Living in this 21st century we still believe in dynasty politics. The "Gandhi" factor played a major role. With support of which parties? Parties like RJD,JMM and the Left Front. Ruling in Bengal for 27 odd years, what did the Left Front do here? Got the
"Glorious Past" of Bengal to the "Gloomious Present". Imagine Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav being the Finance Minister of the country, imagine JMM president Sibu Soren holding the portfolio of foreign affairs, and imagine Pappu Yadav holding the Defense ministry. The government expenditure for this general election was Rs.1300 crores. Imagine a mid term elections, in this poor country. Can we afford it?

Thursday, May 06, 2004


Today I visited my school. After 10 years, I went there. A very big thing for me. Those who know me well, will say this. There I met all the old teachers. For a long time they are associated for such a long time.Most of the teachers were still there. And, I was quite surprised that they remembered me well. Though I was never very good at studies.Though it was quite tough for me to identify all of them. It took me quite some time to recognise them. I also got an invitation to the comming Pochiseh Boishak (Rabindranath Tagore's Birthday).
It was a good meeting.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Its very hot.

I am half dead here. I used to hear people get used to luxory very soon. Never believed it. But now I do. Last year when I was at Hyderabad. It was really very hot. But being at office, the air-conditioner was on, and it was a big relief. This year I am at Kolkata. In my home. And the heat. Though its less than Hyderabad, but the humidity is too much. Very hot. Truely how people survive here. On top of that, the civic authorities are cutting down the trees. Kolkata was once a green city. Now you have to look out for trees. They have cut down 5000 trees to construct 5 flyovers. God.And that too without a single protest. Not imaginable at least at Kolkata. Previously, even if a small plant was fell by the civic authorities, people used to protest.And now...... Things changes preety fast.