Thursday, April 27, 2006

Back to Hyderabad

Well the marriage was enjoyable.. everything went fine.. I really enjoyed a lot.. the best part was.. everyone was enjoying.. the food was good..

The return journey from Kolkata.. was quite boring... the train reached 2 hrs late..

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pre-marriage day...

Visited Anindya's house.. it for his marriage I am here in Kolkata. I was really excited.. it was amazing to see a friend with whom you have grown up.. ( i know him for last 16 years.. wow..thats quite long).. getting married..

The gaye holud part was the most exciting part.. this is where people put haldi (tumeric) on groom's face.. quite torchorous.. though.. i was enjoying clicking Anindya.. in that position..and saved myself..considerabely from getting "yellow" a certain extent..

Tomorrow is the D-day.. have to take nice videos.. lets see what happens..

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Welcome to Kolkata

I boarded the train yesterday.. Faluknama Express.. being a superfast train you expect it to reach on time. To my surprise the train was running 40 mins ahead scheduled time. And when it reached outskirts of Howrah station, I was thrilled, that the train was ahead of time. Unfortunately, they stopped the train just before the platform and we were waiting....waiting.. and waiting...40 mins. passed.. so now the train was on right time.. and still it was not moving.. we waited further.. and .. at last when the train entered the platform .. it was 9:45pm, 20 mins behind schedule.. OOh what a welcome...

I was carrying lot of luggage..struggled.. and reached the taxi line at Howrah station.. the taxies were queued up as ususal.. (one of the most common sight at the station) .. suddenly I realised.. those fellows where on strike... oooh..God.. so, had to carry those luggage to anothere taxi line (pre-paid) which was fortunately working. By the time I got in the taxi it was 10:05 pm... and my parents calling me up.. asking me excitidely where I am.. how close to the house... From Howrah station to the Howrah bridge is hardly 3 mins driveway...and when there is a rush, you expect to reach the bridge in 6 mins.. the luck was not with me.. so it took 40 mins.. flat.. the reason.. the traffic police not in position.. probably working on election duty.. great.. what a welcome.. to your beloved city...