Friday, November 30, 2007

A song written in late 50's Sheldon Harnick during the cold war, is so significant in todays world. Listen to it, you will understand yourself.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Big Flicks

Reliance is getting everywhere in the Indian family. Started off with clothing, then to mobile, landline, broadband, agro food sector and now their latest venture movie rentals.
I got a membership for 3 months. Costs Rs. 650. And I can borrow 1 DVD /VCD at a time, and can watch n number of movies a day. The best is they give only original prints, so no piracy. The funniest part it, they also stock loads of Regional movies. I never expected them to stock Bengali movies. Wonderful.

You can check out at for a store near your home.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Om Shanti Om

Went for O-S-O at Imax complex Prasadz. After a long time, a good weekend bollywood feature. A feature which can be kept in personal collection for watching quite often. Good comedy, an perfect timing. Deepika was awesome. By now she will have thousands of fan followers (you can count me in too). I would say a must watch movie.

Unfortunately, experience at Prasadz was not so pleasant. They didn't allow parking inside their premises. Instead I had to park it outside the movie complex (also managed by them) and was charged Rs. 5 for that. Next, the show was as 10:30 am, and they allowed us to enter the complex only at 10:15 am. Prasadz has lot of other shops beside the screens. Top of that, 3 levels of security checking including 1 level of frisking. Too much man. Next, time I would think twice before going to Prasadz. PVR will be a better experience.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Booked rail tickets.

For the first time I booked rail tickets online ( The tickets are supposed to be delivered (this case my office address) in a day or two. Lets see. If it works, then another prompt service by the Government..
Life at last.

I had a 3 day holiday for deepawali. And the bad news was, my phone was dead, so was the broadband. Reliance was closed for 3 days. Yesterday, the reliance technician came. He said "Sir, cable melt हो गिया। ". For me, it was like what the hell. He was good enough to change the cable promptly, and get my computer back to life. Thank you reliance once again.