Thursday, May 13, 2004

Can we afford it?

The Indian general elections results came out. A total landslide for the BJP led NDA. Congress and its alliance got the majority. Everything went wrong for BJP. Psephologist are speaking of various things.
Everyone is having their view. Though I am not an avid supporter of any party in general. Being an young Indian here's my view. Congress again led back to victory. Living in this 21st century we still believe in dynasty politics. The "Gandhi" factor played a major role. With support of which parties? Parties like RJD,JMM and the Left Front. Ruling in Bengal for 27 odd years, what did the Left Front do here? Got the
"Glorious Past" of Bengal to the "Gloomious Present". Imagine Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav being the Finance Minister of the country, imagine JMM president Sibu Soren holding the portfolio of foreign affairs, and imagine Pappu Yadav holding the Defense ministry. The government expenditure for this general election was Rs.1300 crores. Imagine a mid term elections, in this poor country. Can we afford it?

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