Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Its very hot.

I am half dead here. I used to hear people get used to luxory very soon. Never believed it. But now I do. Last year when I was at Hyderabad. It was really very hot. But being at office, the air-conditioner was on, and it was a big relief. This year I am at Kolkata. In my home. And the heat. Though its less than Hyderabad, but the humidity is too much. Very hot. Truely how people survive here. On top of that, the civic authorities are cutting down the trees. Kolkata was once a green city. Now you have to look out for trees. They have cut down 5000 trees to construct 5 flyovers. God.And that too without a single protest. Not imaginable at least at Kolkata. Previously, even if a small plant was fell by the civic authorities, people used to protest.And now...... Things changes preety fast.

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