Wednesday, April 14, 2004


After comming back from Hyderabad, I was at home most of the days. And have spend my time studying movies. For past few days a company in West Kolkata kept on calling me, asking to come for an interview. So, after a few calls, I decided to visit them. The journey took 1 and a half hour from my residence. Anyway, after reaching there, I submitted my Resume, to the concerned person, and was asked to wait. After waiting for some time, their "technical head" called me and gave me a qestion paper. This move was very strange. I asked him, "I would like to know what post you are offering ?" . Preety confused, I called his boss. I asked the same question to this person also. Hopefully he had the answer. They were looking for Animators. I informed him, that my resume clearly says, I am a Production Manager, and not an animator. And added, that I hope he understood what a production manager means. On which he nodded. Upon further discussion, I realized that he had no basic knowledge of animation production. At the end I gave him a thorough lecture on animation, and left the place.

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