Sunday, December 02, 2007

Portable Video Player

After going though some online research, I landed up buying Nexus MP4 player yesterday. Tested the product for 4~ 5 hrs. And the result.. good product man.
The product is packaged with the player (with 2" screen), and easy navigable buttons, usb charger cum data transfer cord, earphone, case, CD-ROM, and a manual. The product requires Windows Media player 10 or 11 for data transfer.
The CD comes with a software, which converts nearly any video format to the players format. Till now, I have converted mov, divx, flv, mp4, real video, asf, dat... (the list is quite long). The video format that the player uses is Xvid.
The player supports album art. Beside its got FM radio, picture viewer, txt options.. and couple of things. Its got a linux operating system, built in. Costs (INR) Rs. 6999.

I would rate the product very good. If not excellent at this stage.

So, guys am ready to watch.. कजरा रे , बीडी जलाई ले , video killed the radio starts.. and whole lot of things on the move..

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