Friday, March 27, 2009

Flash Shortcut Keys

The following is a list of shortcut keys that I find most used in Adobe Flash. These are the same for all versions of Flash to date. These shortcuts are for PC (Windows) users
Flash Selection Tool Selection Tool - V
Flash Sub Selection Tool Sub Selection Tool - A
Flash Free Transform Tool Free Transform Tool - Q
Flash Gradient Transform Tool Gradient Transform Tool - F
Flash Line Tool Line Tool - N
Flash Pen Tool Pen Tool - P
Flash Lasso Tool Lasso Tool - L
Flash Text Tool Text Tool - T
Flash Oval Tool Oval Tool - O
Flash Rectangle Tool - R
Flash Pencil Tool Pencil Tool - Y
Eyedropper ToolFlash Eyedropper Tool - I
Flash Brush Tool Brush Tool - B
Flash Ink Bottle Tool Ink Bottle Tool - S
Flash Paint Bucket Tool Paint Bucket Tool - K
Flash Eraser ToolFlash Eraser Tool - E

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