Thursday, December 10, 2009

Death of a state

Death of a state

For couple of days there a lot of debate going on if we should have one Andhra Pradesh or divide the state. Last night the central government decided to move for two states. Here is a mail which I received from a friend of mine.

Dear All,

Request you all to please go through the forwarded message and try to give your opinion so that we can raise our voice to convey our opinion against the division of our state.

We are planning to form a group and send across a representation to the PM"s office and also all the bureaucrats to convey our concern over this particular issue.

some of u may be pro telangana...i respect ur concern...i have my own....and i am using my democratic freedom of speech...i am as much in favour of the poor as u r for the rest who agree to me...please stop being pessimistic and critical lets make a difference this time. forward this....

                             stop dividing start developing

the curse of division has been chasing us since we began as an independent nation...and i guess its time we think...celebrations can wait...

India divided between hindus and muslims...pakistan divided between bengali and non- bengalis...some other regions seek autonomy there and here we know the story....the recent most -chhattisgarh, uttaranchal and jharkhand...and now telangana might soon join... followed by demands of harit pradesh, bundelkhand, vidarbha, gorkhaland....

the list continues .... but why? what is the issue...i can think of three major reasons

  • mistrust between communities
  • backwardness or economic inequality
  • cultural or ideological differences leading to hatred

and these three reasons more or less form the history of injustices that cause partitions. i have kept cultural or ideological differences below.....and cited the other two as separate reasons but these three are inteconnected. whether it is a person or a community, economic development ( that drives most such movements) depends largely on our ethos and so does trust and distrust. so largely it is our social differences that force us to part from each other as a different political and administrative identity. but in a fast globalizing world can we ever part socially or economically- or should we ever do so? IS IT ETHICAL OR DESIRABLE OR PRACTICAL... to sort this whole issue or such other causes. after staying in hyderabad for over 20 years..i know quite a majority of well educated telugus (of all regions) who settle outside present AP....these who can help cause development are never there except for sending remittances. and whichever land they stay they ARE SHARING EVERYTHING in a way they would do otherwise - given the state doesnt bifurcate. they would do so in telangana and andhra...for as long as we stay in india we are all free to move. and this is becoming true for the world. the world is struggling to unite for all productive that to gain profits,earn incomes or to fight climate change and we are there together in all these missions irrespective of our ethos because this is a common concern.

i suppose so is development though it depends on ethos. and to achieve this common cause we have to work together and sow the seeds of a new society and new culture that can cause support and sustain development ...inclusive development.

slogans on equality are outdated...we need to impartially investigate inequality if we are serious about atleast reducing it to tolerable limits. just as we cannot wear old clothes... all life so we cannot live with old values and politics. else we can choose to continue this way and produce results contrary to intentions

we need to remember that road to hell is paved with good intention , but it takes you to hell. 

if these ideas were useful they would yield result and get repeated. no doubt they have been repeated but they have not yielded results.this is what why we need to start again....

we need to get out of this poverty stricken politics of blaming others for our fate. if the people of telangana (if this indeed is their struggle and they are part of it in body soul and mind) are strong enough to demand and get a resolution tabled then they are sufficiently strong to ensure funds allocated to their region are used justly...and if not, then there is some serious flaw somewhere that needs to be rectified for the development of telangana and all such states.

shouting for justice satisfies ego (moreso in case of communities) cannot heal wounds of injustice...forgivence frees one to move ahead. there is no community or individual that has never committed an act of injustice and has not been victim to one. there has never been any battle for injustice that fetched justice and peace....\

its time to learn from past and take steps...if we fail....we will be guilty to posterity and to ourselves.

formation of telangana will push below carpet the issue of its development. politicians who lead and elites who talk will change faces....the people who sleep hungrily will remain the same...and exploitation would continue.

someday we have to get out of this vicious trap of poverty stricken politics....that clamours over scarcity of resources and inequality of a politics that understands the process of spiritual evolvement and ultimate equality of souls...then may be we get closer to converting in reality the abundant strength of our will into tangible goods for us all.

to me the time was i had to write it. as a bengali born in bihar that later became jharkhand, settled in hyderabad that might become telanaga or ut i have nothing to lose or gain ...but as an indian and citizen of the world we all have....we too have a voice and a reason and an emotion and a concern....

if its about majority then let the majority truly win....ask urself if this will help us...ask ur conscience...if this will get us peace and prosperity....for our coming generations (assuming we have a long future and world will not soon submerge in the dark sea of mindless global politics)...and then take the stand ....and let democracy decide then.

please.....i will await ur responses

(Matter drafted by Madhurima.M)

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