Thursday, May 30, 2013

Experience of buying Ertiga from ABT Maruti, Chennai

ABT Maruti - Guindy showroom is one of the terrible showroom. The sales guys are too good. They will promise the moon, and always say that the cars are in stock. I had a bitter experience with them. Even after paying them entire amount they started delaying in getting the car registered. The sales person Mr. Rajeev M Kumar, Senior Sales Officer (Mobile: 09677036623, 09500990141) who did my booking never bothered to follow up or call back. He keeps on lying on everything you ask him.

The Sales Manager in ABT, Mr. Venkatesh Kumar (Mobile: 9994492407), also plays an active part in taking the customer for a ride. Though he is the most well behaved sales guy among all the sales executive at ABT. Here is a walk through of my buying experience at ABT Maruti.

After visiting Popular Maruti, and Khivraj Maruti - Besant Nagar (Khivraj guys was not even interested in selling the car) I had visited ABT Maruti on 5 May around 6 pm. By the time I walked to ABT Maruti I had decided to buy Ertiga VXI, Serene Blue color. So, for them I was a decided customer. Mr. Rajeev first tried selling me the disel version (even after I asked him about the model and color which I was looking for). Finally, he checked his stock and said the vehicle of my choice is available with them and he can get it within 7 days. His calculation of 7 days was 3 days for Bank loan and 3 days for registration, one day was buffer. He also made me meet the SBH Bank Manager, who took all the details required for processing the loan. I had agreed with his commitment and walked out of the showroom saying by next Wed, I would walk in and book the car, so that he can start the process. 

When I inquired about the documents which is required to be submitted. The sales executive said I need to submit the following:
  • Form - 16 (of last two AY)
  • Address Proof (either of the following BSNL Landline bill, Govt. Undertaking Bank Passbook, Passport,Gas Bill)
  • ID Proof (they insisted on PAN Card)
  • 6 months bank statement (as i was going for finance)
  • 2 photographs
The sales executive never bother to tell me the actual number of photographs he required. Finally, for
finance I had to submit 2 passport size photographs, for RTO registration 7 passport size photographs.

As promised I walked in to ABT (8th May) to book the car. Paid, Rs. 10,000 signed the required documents. I had asked for the details for RTO registration amount, which Mr. Rajeev promised to get back (but never did eventually). Also during the booking Mr. Rajeev promised to deliver the car on 15 May. I waled out of ABT smiling, and thinking wonderful service. Little did I know that time, that ABT is going to take me for a ride. 

Bank Loan
When the SBH bank manager didn't get back for the loan document, I called up Rajeev (from ABT) only to find out he passed on the documents to Kotak Mahindra Bank. He did all these even without asking for my permission. Finally, when I said that I will cancel the deal, he then handed over the documents to SBH. The SBH branch manager did an excellent job, and ensured the loan gets sanctioned as fast as possible. 

Final Payment

Finally next Tuesday I walked in to ABT (14 May) to get the Loan documents signed and handover rest of the payment which was pending from my end to ABT. 

After making all the payments when I asked for the date on which they will deliver the car, they said it will be next Wednesday, which meant 9 days. When enquired about the reason both Rajeev and Venkatesh gave me the following reason.
  • Cheque to get realized. (Cheque got realized on 16 May. Didnt understand why local cheque gets so long to get encashed)
  • After entire payment is received the dealer raises invoice (the invoice was raised on 17 May)
  • The invoice is then sent to Maruti Suzuki Head Office for Insurance (17th May)
  • Maruti Suzuki Call Center calls up the customer and verifies all details and asks which insurance company the customer would prefer (I didn't get any call)
  • After the customer chooses the insurance company name, the car gets insured
  • The insurance copy is then sent to the dealer
  • The dealer then generates the Form 20 (required for Registration) (Generated on 18 May after 2 PM, despite telling Mr. Venkatesh that I would be out of Chennai at 2 PM. Finally when my trip got cancelled I called up ABT, they refused to come for signing the document as it was 5:00 PM, and next day was Sunday)
  • The customer is then required to sign Form 20. (After making 3 phone calls Mr. Rajeev comes down to my office to sign the document on 20 May, at 1 PM. He also collects 7 photographs)
  • Magistrate Affidivit is prepared (ABT charged me Rs. 1000 for preparing the document)
  • The Form 20 is then sent to dealer's RTO department
  • The dealer's RTO department checks if the computer generated form got any errors
  • If no error, the department asks for the car to be bought to dealer's showroom 
  • Then the car is sent to the RTO for registration. (My car was sent on 22nd May)
  • Once Registration is completed, the dealer waits for Registration number
  • After registration number arrives the dealer gets the number plate done

Once the above steps are completed the car is ready for delivery. Here's another catch, ABT delivers car to customer only on weekdays and that too after 5 pm (I got my car on 22nd May). What I don't understand is most of the documentation can be done in half a day, and when the customer pleads with the dealer to deliver the car at the earliest they ensure they delay the process. I have following questions for Maruti:
  1. Why should the invoice get generated 6 days before the car is delivered to customer?
  2. Why should I pay for the car insurance, if its going to be with the dealer for next 6 days?
  3. Why Maruti Suzuki got no control over dealer behavior? In this case dealer charges saying RTO Registration taxes, also delayed the delivery.
  4. Where is Maruti Suzuki's process, quality control?

ABT Maruti is taking the Maruti Suzuki brand for a ride. Each step they will apply their delay tactics. They will always ask for some document at the 11th hour, and ensure the delivery of the car gets delayed. On the day of booking one of my colleague visited ABT with me, he wanted to get more info on Kizashi. ABT came up with the funniest response, they said they are not able to locate the car keys. 

The reason of sharing this buying experience is not because I got anything personal against ABT or Maruti. For my love for Maruti Suzuki brand, I went to Ertiga (my 2nd Maruti Suzuki car). The experience was so pathetic (thanks to ABT), that I have decided not to go for a Maruti car ever. And also not to recommend a Maruti Suzuki car to anyone I know. Maruti's Ownership with Pride, gone down the drain. 

I don't know if anyone from Maruti Suzuki  would read this, or take any action against ABT ( I have emailed them my experience of purchasing the car). 


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