Monday, July 22, 2013

TataSky Cheap Tricks

I was using the TataSky SD Set-top box for past 7 years, and had subscribed to Annual Mega SD pack for past few years. Also I am quite happy with the services provided by them. Recently TataSky is advertising about upgrading to TataSky HD at Rs.1800. I spoke with their people about the upgrade. They said its quite easy and I would be able to view HD channels also. They also added that the first month is free (for HD) and henceforth I would need to pay Rs. 100 per month as HD access fee.

I liked the offer and went ahead with the upgrade. Now after the upgrade the TataSky gets back and says I wont be able to view HD channels unless I upgrade the pack to Annual Mega HD pack. This was fine with me, so I told them please go ahead with the upgrade on a pro-rata basis (my Annual Mega SD pack is up for renewal in October) and deduct the amount (about Rs. 300) for next three months. This is were the problem starts. TataSky says that's not possible. To upgrade I need to do annual renewal and pay about Rs. 4500.

My question to TataSky is:
  1. When TataSky is offering HD with HD Access fee of Rs. 100 I don't understand why an Annual Mega SD pack customer pay the access fee and watch HD channels? Were as non annual pack subscriber can access the HD channels by paying HD Access fee. So TataSky to me shows very bad consumer service to a annual pack subscriber. 
  2. It seems the TataSky ground staff are not trained (as I was never told about the issue when I spoke with them) with company norms and policy. 
Now I need to think if:
  1. I should still continue with TataSky?
  2. If I do continue, should I downgrade to some base pack and add HD channels?


Anonymous said...

We are offering best picture and sound quality among all of other dth services. Please do monthly recharge instead of annual.
We will provide you 6 months free HD access, sorry for inconvenience.
-Tata sky
Mantesh vaddar.

Anonymous said...

To Mr Mantesh vaddar,
Are you representative of tata sky? The fact is that tata sky sd channels appear worst on big hdtv when compared to airtel or even d2h. Tata sky is misleading its customer. In your unethical ad of hd box,the model says that by using hd box there will be no streching on screen. The model is speaking lie on behalf of tata sky. Would you care to tell that all sd channels are streched even on hd box? Tata sky has least number of hd & d2h have 25 hd channels. tata sky does not have even 12.shame on tata sky.