Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2014 – Can India give its mandate for development?

Being a middle aged Indian citizen and an Aam Aadmi, am looking for a new Government. A government who can really make my life better (am least bothered how much development we did on paper - excel sheet). It really makes me think, when the Central Government says we are 'growing', and I see despite earning more than what I used to earn before, my bank balance keeps on doing down. If India is growing then I should also grow, after all am very much part of India.

For me it doesn't matter which party forms the next government. What matters is which government can provide me better governance? Why can't we have a debate between the Prime-ministerial Candidates on how better then can help India to grow?

An aam aadmi  like me would like to look something on these lines from the next government.

Better India

  • Real financial growth in India and all Indians.
  • Removing corruption from netas to grassroot employees.
  • Developing ‘real’ good institutes (from school to Universities). Focusing on ASK (Attitude – Skill – Knowledge).
  • Emphasizing on manufacturing sector and agriculture. Increase production of both by at least 25%.
  • Allowing FDI in every sector and ensuring Indian companies are good enough to compete with them. 
  • Working towards ‘customer friendly’ business
  • Working towards one India – not dividing the country based on religion, caste
  • Using technology for better administration, monitoring
  • Honoring true ‘freedom of speech’ for all the citizens of the country.
  • Improving the internal security of the country.

Civic Sense

  • Instating proper civic sense among Indian citizens.  When we go aboard we follow proper civic sense, back in our country we treat it as a dump yard.
  • Ensuring dump bins are cleared regularly, Municipality / Corporation workers picking up garbage from home (without asking for bribe)
  • Clean Roads

Road – City Traffic

  • Good roads
  • Indian drivers with better road traffic sense. (By not doing the following – wrong lane driving, rough driving, jumping working traffic signals, not respecting other drivers,  honking without reason)
  • Drivers driving with passion not being inspired by the ruthless driving on movies
  • Using indicators while changing lane, turning. Generally Indian drivers drive use indicators after taking a turn.
  • Working traffic signals
  • Proper road dividers
  • Pedestrians having sense of understanding traffic rules
  • Honest traffic police 
  • Better public transport
  • Auto with meters (which are used) and autowala with better customer service

Health Care

  • Making health care (hospitals – medicine – medical treatment etc.) within reach of common people
  • Improving working conditions of government run hospitals. It should be mandatory for all the doctors to practice at government run hospitals for at least 8 hrs a week
  • Mandating patient first policy for the doctors. 
  • Curriculum focused on student development, ensuring student growth in ASK method
  • Abolishing 'private tuition'. This only shows how weak our education system is, students require tuition as school / institutes dose not go enough to fulfill the student requirement.
  • Examination system should be developed to judge the knowledge of the student. Examination should not be a competition tool.
  • Proper aided R&D system should be set up
  • 'Brighter' students should be encouraged to go for R&D in India.

Note: this write up is in WIP mode. I will keep on updating the document till the next elections.

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