Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Chalta Hai Yaar

Today after visiting Vishakha, I had a tough time returning home. The 15 mins journey from her home to mine took more than 1.5 hrs. Kolkata boasts of her subway train system. The return journey was smooth enough. But after landing at Tollygunge, god...what a mess. I was remembering the book "Things that make me go hmm..." by Anand Adkoli. He starts off like this .."Chalta hai yaar! In my opinion, we have learnt to accept mediocrity over the years..". The road in Tollygunge was in a mess... full of mud, and as usual the foothpaths were dug up ( i don't know why they make the fothpath and dig them up), then stand for the auto line for 45 mins. Aha..I was observing all the people around me. Everyone were busy chatting, among themselves (offcourse there were small groups), and none was quite irritated, disgusted with the situation. Every one accepted it in a very casual manner. Without protest. This is a city, where people call for bandh (strike), for increasing the bus fare by 50 paise, but none seem to protest for such a situation. Chalta hai yaar!

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