Wednesday, March 24, 2004

What a day!!

23 March, what a day. Thinking why. Aaah... today is the day I was born, world weather day, and 4 planets were to be seen with naked eye. The last one was quoted in most of the english dalies. To help novice sky watchers like us, the dalies also stated that, the planets will be on the same direction with the moon. Good for people like me. The thrilling moment was to come after 6:45 pm. With major hope I was on the terrace sharp at 6:45 to have a look at this creativity. But staying on the terrace for more than 2.5 hrs, I was utterly depressed. No sign of the planets. And the worse, the moon also vanished at around 7:00 pm. Remember no clouds. What a waste. I think the dalies should be more constructive on the news. What do you say ?

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