Friday, March 26, 2004

How can people cheat so much ?

Today, in search of a MCA guide, I went to a computer institute at Bon-Hoogly, in outskirts of Kolkata. First the guy made me wait for 1.5 hrs even tough he knew that he had an appointment with me. Then after he met me, I realised what a big mistake I did comming here. I was shooting him my questions, and he fell in a ackward position, so couldn't answer much. When, I asked him about the qualification and experience of the guide, he said M.Tech without experience. I told him that's against the university rules, he promptly said, no. I argued and said I have the university guide rule (this is send by the university to every student). To defend himself he replied " Thats a mistake in your rule book". It was too much for me to accept. Anyways, I managed not to shout on him, and said bye and left the place. I don't know why the administrative system dosen't crunch down these kind of centers.

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