Tuesday, October 19, 2004

2nd day at Netarhat.

The sunrise point was from the hotel where we had lodged. From the balcony we could see the Koel River flowing downhill, and the range of hills. Amazing view. After breakfast we visited Netarhat Dam, and Netarhat lake. Both were 2 km from our hotel, so we decided walking through the jungles. The lake serves as water reservoir for the place.
Far off from Netarhat, one can visit many falls. Among them are Lodh Falls (70 kms from Netarhat) and Sadni Falls : (35 kms from Netarhat). we had a problem with disel. The nearest petrol pump from Netarhat is 55km away at Ghagri, on Ranchi - Netarhat road. And since there was a shortage of dilsel in our car, so we decided to visit Sadni falls. To visit the falls one has to cover jungle, then bauxite mines (now owned by HINDALCO), then again the jungles. Let me mention that the jungles in Netarhat is so dense that sunlight can hardly penetrate. Also the road condition is poor,( on the way we say people re-building the roads, they should be over in another year). After travelling 30 kms we came across a team of workers. And since the road conditions were detoriating drastically as we were approaching the spot, so we decided to stop tha car and ask the supervisor. When we put forward our query, he recommended us not to go. As the place is disturbed by the extremest. In last 5 years not a single tourist went there. So, alas we had to turn back. It was very sad that we couldn't see the falls, being so near to it.
In evening we went to see Upper Ghagri Falls.

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