Tuesday, October 19, 2004

At Netarhat.

156 Kms from Ranchi is Netarhat, the queen of Chotanagpur. The name Netarhat has a history behind it. During the British periods, the British soldiers were looking for a cool place. While doing the survey they came upon a area in the hills, covered with dense forest and small streams. Seeing the sight they were very happy, and described the place as "Near the heart". The phrase "Near the heart" gradually got transformed and took the form Netarhat. It is situated at a height of 3,7000 ft above sea level and is a hill station of Jharkhand. Netarhat is a beautiful resort during summer. Dense forests, serpentine roads, cool bracing breeze, moonlit nights truley makes it near the heart.This place is an out of this world experience.

We reached Nerathat around 4 pm. The journey was quite long more than 5 hours. This is mainly due to bad roads. We boarded at Prabhat Hotel, a Jharkhand Tourism hotel. We had our lunch, and then took the car to Mangolia Point. This is a point from where one can see the sun set.
The most stunning thing of Netarhat is the silence. The place is amazingly silent after sunset.

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