Friday, October 22, 2004

At Ranchi.

We booked another car and went to visit falls around Ranchi. The first one was Hundru Falls.Hundru falls is about 40 km. aways from Ranchi town. The Swarnarekha river falls from a height of 320 feet making a wonderful scene known as Hundru falls. During rainy season it takes a formidable form. To view the falls one has to alight the steps. And how many ? Well one has to go down 736 steps and one small bridge.
After Hundru we visited Jonha falls. Jonha is 36 km from Hundru. It got a newly built road. There is also a hospice Tourists rest house which accommodates Lord Gautam Budha’s temple. This falls is named after Gautam as Gautamdhara. Here one can alight the steps and can go so close to the fall that it could be touched. This one looked much better than Hundru, as the falls is much broader. River Ganaga Nala flows to form the falls.

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